Nihil & Void (enigmaticpariah) wrote in cacentralvalley,
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Just figured I'd take a few moments to introduce myself to the few of you out there.

I'm Kody - 19, residing in Waterford, and settled into an industrial machining career in Oakdale.
Attended Riverbank '98-00 and graduated Waterford Independent 02.
I'm oft mistaken for shy, though reserved is more like it... Despite an ostentatious appearance.
Heavily into 70's/80's Punk, Goth and past-present Deathrock, as well as other sundry off-shoots.
Art, Literature & Performance [Visual/Aural/Etc.] are what I seem to live for.

Pleased to make your acquaintances... And let's see if we can't stir something interesting up here.
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